This is the week. I pick up my bib this evening. I have already started to pack. (Well, I might be all packed but I am a little ashamed to admit that.) There are only a few variables left and well, I think I have already made those decisions. Those variables are out of my control such as mail delivery and weather. The weather is as expected, a little cool to start with a slight chance of rain and we never go new on race day.  So I am part ready.

I started seriously training for this way back in October 2016. It has been a fantastic training block where so many things have gone right and I have been able to experiment with nutrition, strength training, stretching, foam rolling, gear, mental strength and fatigue… it has been incredible. One would think I am all set and I think on the getting the miles done in terms of endurance I think I have this. It is not going to be world class and I am not going to win, but I think I can go out and finish 50 km.

The strategy is in place to do so (I will reveal this in my race report). The training is done. The nutrition is on point. Sleep is happening. I have a ride. A hotel room. Picked out all the gear. It’s been tested. It works.


Two Saturday’s ago on a fun, slow 16 mile beauty of a run through the Grand Beach trails which was completed with happiness and joy, something happened. I can’t pinpoint an exact incident. I finished fine. At some point I jarred my knees and have been feeling off since then. The only time I can think of was when I was bombing down this fun switchback, it was going left, I was going right… but that’s it.

Quick version:

Saturday: Finished run, headed home, had a great afternoon, woke up next morning felt fine, Sunday: rode with my girls to swimming lessons, felt a little achy in right knee, iced, rested, Monday saw JF, he felt it will pass but asked about left knee, nothing (I said, “no concerns”), felt great rest of day, did physio homework, Tuesday: felt great, worked, felt great, ran 6 miles, right knee felt great, left knee started to ache, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: iced, stretched, foam rolled, Saturday: ran 10 miles, was really achy in left knee, Sunday: iced, stretched, foam rolled, begged to see JF, Monday: saw JF, got me working on my hips, Tuesday: iced, stretched, foam rolled, physio work, —- Today, Wednesday Bib pick up day… WTF.

I don’t know what to say. It is a little frustrating.

I am going for it no matter what. I have trained too hard, and done so much to not compete. I am in running for the long haul. I have several other races on my calendar this year including the Marathon du P’tit train du nord in October, and I know that if this turns into something bigger then those might be compromised. I have evaluated the risks vs the rewards and I am going for it.

I have had to change my race strategy, sorry Shane M. I am not going to bombed it and then when I collapse pick myself back up and finish. It was a thought at one point. My expectations now are just to finish. Get to the finish line to see my family and friends and enjoy the experience. I am 43 this year and I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am signed up for a killer race in a beautiful place. I am a runner of the wild.

See you at the finish line, with or without my left knee.



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