Summer Explorations & Observations: Running in the Heat

Wow it’s hot.

I wonder how many people look forward to running in the heat?

It’s great to strip down to short shorts and a light t-shirt or no shirt at all. I know personally I was looking forward to not wearing mitts and potentially restoring the feeling in my fingers. (In November, while out for a 15 miler and not dressed appropriately I feel maybe I got some nerve damage in the end of my fingers. A little frost bite can do that. Every run going forward my fingers were a really big concern.) Yah for not worrying about that shit. For now.

I used to take summers off running because of the heat. I would get way too hot and dizzy. It would suck. I would be knocked out for the rest of the day. So I decided to say fahk it and would refuse to run.

But now… no way. I carry a water bottle with proper nutrition and with Manitoba having so many great trails to explore that are inaccessible for 6 months of the year (plus I am a teacher and have these two months to get after it) I can’t. And added advantage, trails around here, have their fair share of shade.

I have big hopes and aspirations and now that I have freed myself of an obligation I wasn’t too passionate about, I have some more time.

Some Trails on my list:
Pine Point Rapids
Tunnel Mountain (Kenora)
Birch Ski Area
Falcon Lake Trails
Mantario Trail (one day trip)
Riding Mountain National Park

Trails I have already explored:
Hunt Lake
St Norbert
Bird’s Hills Secret Trails
Assiniboine Forest & Fort Whyte
Lost Souls Ultra course (Lethbridge, AB)
Bear’s Hump (Waterton, AB)

what else? suggestions?

I am very excited to be participating again in Trail Run Manitoba’s Summer Trail Series. Last weeks race was a quick 10K with some super fast runners. I placed 10th with a 58:46 time.

I went out quick to get in position on the single track but felt pretty tired after 5 miles. After walking for about 30 secs I got back at it, slowing down to maintain my position but reserving enough energy to finish strong.

Next Thursday its 12k and I am looking for an equally good finish but I know some of the elite will be back. Can’t wait. These races are so fun.

Manitoba Marathon featured me on their blog as the My Manitoba runner. It was really cool to include me as more of a trail runner, than a marathoner (I did run my first “official” marathon this year with them. 4:09 – not terrible). READ




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